Monday, May 8, 2017

Smoking the Scare Factor

By now you would think that the scare of Cannabis would be slim to none. That it would finally get the attention and use it deserves and was created for. Unfortunately that is not the case in most of America. Its approved for medical use in 28 states with weird county by county rules and regulations, and it costs well over $200 in most places to get your medical card. Which I'm sorry but that's a lot of money just to be able to use something you have already been using in my pot smoking opinion.
      Only 8 states, including Washington D.C., have joined the recreational era, that everyone should already be in! Especially when we are talking about a Flowering Plant that has a gargantuan amount of beneficial remedies and cures including Cancer, PTSD, Anxiety, Depression, Chronic Pain, Epilepsy, Dementia, and a plethora of other diseases and ailments. Now why isn't that a good thing?
Non education is probably the biggest factor in the snail like revolution of Medical and Recreational Cannabis. The studies that have been done have uncovered a mountain of beneficial strains. Over 80 Cannabinoids and 130 Terpenes. Terpenes were new to me, and I happily found out that Terpenes are what influences the animal and human brain when it is inhaled, these effects can occur at a small ml. Terpene profiles are linked to the effects, flavors, scents, and the medicinal benefits.  Which far outweigh the negative stigma cannabis has so been trampled with. The effects and natural salventine (my own word) structure of the blessed Marijuana flower is 2000 times more beneficial then we even know to date. The fickle governmental structure leaves it almost impossible to study it legally, which in turn makes all the Cannabis Scientists, because they exist, findings and studies null and void in the eyes of the men and woman who claim to have nothing but our best interests, and health in their feeble uneducated minds, and Grinch sized hearts!
Cannabinoids and Terepenes are not the only compounds found that help in these effects. Cannabis contains non cannabinoid phenols, pigments, flavonoids, anthocyanins, stilbenoids, akaloids, elements, steroids, nitrogen compounds, amino acids, proteins, lignan amides, and various other undiscovered molecules. Those are all huge words, I Know! but take the time to look it all up, get your study on. Light it up and let your brain absorb all the information, because there is a strain for that as well. I just smoked it an hour ago.
Education should be key core number one in any health benefiting science or any situation for that matter. Ignorance is a far too human like characteristic these days and its scary and pod people like! When your well informed and level headed things just come easier and far less pain in the ass that this journey to Marijuana has been.
Now considering the lackluster trials that can be done with cannabis, it is more then impossible to determine what strands do what for each person. The effects of marijuana differs from each consumer, although there is enough knowledge to give you a pretty good idea which will work and wont. The DEA and FDA need to get on board and educate themselves, in the new Industry of Cannabis legalization, the Health benefits should be enough reason, but the job and money opportunity is absolutely abundant as well. Farmers, Growers, Scientists, Doctors, Teachers, Inventors etc. Packing all those positive reason in the recipe and they still wanna spell disaster. The people have to get off of their Indica asses and educate the people that need educating.
I will continue to praise and all hail Mary Jane and her Juana, because she (Marijuana is female because it soothes and cures like a mothers love) has the power of healing the mind, body, and soul. People are always going to make something beautiful into something ugly when they are clueless. Its another human flaw that was passed down from religion and politics. Learn what you should know, then learn some more.

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